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It’s not uncommon for businesses to be owed money at various points throughout the life of the company. In some industries, like healthcare and real estate, managing debts is a significant part of the business. However common it is, it’s critical that a company aggressively pursue the debts owed to them in order to ensure that the business continues to profit. Outstanding debts that keep cropping up can pose a significant threat to a company and may even hinder a company’s ability to continue doing business.

Aggressively Pursuing Business Collections

Don’t assume that because a debt has reached the point of collections that it will never be paid. Although your business has likely put forth a significant amount of effort to collect the money that is owed to your company, you can still benefit from working with a seasoned business collections attorney. Often, when an attorney becomes involved and begins zealous collection efforts, debtors become more inclined to pay what they owe. By involving an attorney with specific experience in collecting business debt, a company can let its debtors know that they’re serious about obtaining what is owed to them and there may be legal ramifications for debtors who do not comply.

At the Kirklin Law Firm, we waste no time in going to bat for your company and taking action to recover the funds that are owed to you. Whether you have customers that still owe for services rendered, or you have large commercial debts that are negatively affecting your bottom line, you can trust that your debts are in good hands when you work with our seasoned lawyers.

Additionally, we can help enforce judgments you have obtained against your debtors by applying appropriate legal pressure and providing them incentive to begin meeting their debt obligations.

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If your business has devoted significant time and money to collection efforts with little to show for it, don’t be discouraged. Many businesses struggle with collecting debts and need legal assistance to show debtors that they’re serious about collecting the debt. By working with an experienced business collections law firm, you can again focus on how to grow your business and your profits without devoting further time and resources to debt collections.

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