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While business disputes are relatively common in almost all industries, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. A business dispute could potentially have the power to weaken your company and may have a significant, negative financial impact. Protecting your business during a dispute is key to ensuring its future success and the Kirklin Law Firm can help.

Licensing Disputes

The safeguarding of your intellectual property, proprietary data, and trade secrets is of the utmost importance. The potential for financial loss in a licensing dispute is high, and it’s critical that you work with an attorney who has the skills and resources to provide you with comprehensive legal support in this area.

Partnership Disputes

Maintaining trust in a business partnership is important, however, when one partner breaks that trust, it could potentially put the business in jeopardy. With the right legal support, you can overcome the obstacles that partnership disputes present and continue building your business towards a better, brighter future.

Trade Secret Disputes

Protecting your company’s trade secrets is critical in a competitive business market. When a party threatens those trade secrets, be it through the actual theft of trade secrets or the misuse of information by employees or contractors, it’s important that you take aggressive action right away. Our attorneys have experience resolving trade secret disputes in a cost effective manner while ensuring that your valuable data and intellectual property is properly preserved.

Trademark Disputes

A trademark is something that identifies a company and its brand, and is closely held by any successful business. If another party infringes upon your trademark, your brand could be at risk. At the Kirklin Law Firm, we have significant experience in protecting Houston area business from trademark infringement and will zealously pursue trademark disputes on your company’s behalf.

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