Oil and gas companies have numerous responsibilities to landowners when sourcing oil and gas from a particular piece of land. Failure to adhere to those responsibilities could cause serious problems and even place landowners in danger. If you are involved in a dispute with an oil or gas company, it is important that you discuss the matter with an experienced oil and gas litigation law firm as soon as possible.

Oil and gas companies have:

  • A duty to develop. Under the law, the lease must be developed, and often, oil and gas companies fail to do so. If this is the case, our law firm will work with additional entities like geophysicists, petroleum engineers, and other notable figures to determine how the lease should have been reasonably developed.
  • A duty to minimize or eliminate drainage. In some situations, oil and gas companies may have an obligation to protect your interests when an oil or gas reservoir goes beyond the boundaries of your lease.
  • A duty to market. If an oil or gas company is able to produce, it has a duty to market and and make payments to you as the landowner as stated by your lease.

Some additional problems that landowners often face with oil and gas companies are the underpayment of royalties or failure to meet deadlines. If an oil or gas company that is working on your land does not meet the deadlines to drill and minerals are produced after the deadline has already passed, the minerals obtained may no longer be subject to the lease and the situation may turn complex quickly. If minerals are obtained in a timely fashion and the oil or gas company does not pay the amount of royalties to landowners as specified by the lease, it may be necessary to bring legal action.

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If you are working with an oil or gas company, it is important to have legal guidance from the beginning, before ever signing a lease. At The Kirklin Law Firm, P.C., we can help you review the lease and determine if the terms are in your best interest and can assist you in the revision of the lease should it be needed.

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